"Connie is a top caliber agent!  She helped us sell our condo in SOMA.  Her market knowledge, negotiation skills, and persistence resulted in our condo selling at a record breaking price for our building.  She is also extremely communicative, even speaking with us on the day of her wedding!  We couldn't be happier and would strongly recommend her."

Ashminder & Vikki S. 


"Connie's support, enthusiasm, and professional expertise made buying a condominium in San Francisco easy. Hard to imagine, but true!"

Jill S. 


"Connie listed and sold our condo in South Beach in 12 days! Cash offer (above asking), no contingency, 7-day close!  Her results far exceeded our expectations, both in timing and in sales price- and totally broke the sales record in our building for $/sq.ft. (for comparable units).  Connie, you're a superstar!

We interviewed a total of 6 realtors and Connie was the last one we interviewed.  Prior to Connie we had already spoken with other "top agents" with various well-established brokerage firms, some with 15-20+ years of experience in the business.  But as soon as Connie presented her market analysis, it was abundantly clear to us that Connie is the Only One who possessed a firm grasp of this super fast-paced and changing-by-the-day kind of market, especially in the SOMA/South Beach/Downtown/Mission Bay neighborhoods.   Connie was the only one who presented us with the proper comps for our property.  Some of the other agents presented us with comps from 6 months ago (too old and completely inappropriate for this fast and ascending market), still others presented us with comps from buildings, which are completely not comparable to ours.  If we were not educated about this market and had listened to some of these other agents, we would have listed our property way below the market value.

It seems to us that a lot of agents have a tendency to want their clients to list their properties at a lower price point and therefore making their jobs a lot easier.  They even advertise how they sell their properties "above asking"... well, I can see how easy it is to first lower the asking price and then sell it above asking!  That does not constitute doing a good job in my book.  Connie, on the other hand, will not do this to her clients.  She will not intentionally set a lower bar for herself and her clients because she is CONFIDENT!!!  And she truly wants to get the highest price for her clients!!!

Connie is super smart, analytical, super high energy, and super confident in her abilities to price appropriately and sell.  She is efficient, responsive and she knows the market.  She worked tirelessly to show our property even before it hit the MLS.  I have never seen a realtor so passionate in what she does.  Connie exudes confidence, energy, passion and drive all around.  She told us she would get us the highest price for our property and she would not stop until she did it.  (She absolutely delivered!)

We find Connie to be a breath of fresh air in the real estate business.  She is genuine, sincere and smart.  She truly cares. She works tirelessly.  She delivers what she promises.  On top of it all, she carries the most bright and sunny personality, you can't help but feel bright and positive when you are around Connie.

Connie, we are so glad we found you and you are a superstar in our book!  Thank you!"

N K. & A L.


"Connie was helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive. She quickly got to know my needs and limits, and she efficiently educated me on the SF market. Without her guidance through this competitive market, my transition from the Washington DC area would have taken much longer and I doubt that I would have been able to purchase my desired property. 

Connie is poised and professional. She stayed on top of every detail and made sure that everyone got everything completed to get through escrow successfully. 

Personally, Connie goes above and beyond. You can count on her."

Marilyn S. 


"I had an amazing experience purchasing a home with the help of Connie - I couldn't recommend her more highly! She was referred to me by a friend and I'll always be thankful to him for that. She was always SUPER available, responsive, proactive and helpful. 

As a first time buyer, she understood how important the decision was for me. She provided me with very valuable insights and helped me have a good understanding of the market.

I could feel that Connie always had my best interest at heart and she is such a wonderful and pleasant person to be around that it was really a pleasure to work with her! 

She really went above and beyond and I'm so happy now that I found a home that I love :D 

Buying a home in SF can be very stressful and Connie definitely has this magic touch that helps make everything goes smoothly.

Thank you again for everything!"

Solène O.


"Connie was super responsive and attentive to all my real estate search needs. She helped me close on an offer in less than 30 days and was great about getting me in to see properties. Connie was very low pressure and easy to work with - highly recommend!"

Steven F. 


"It's been over two months now, and I'm still loving the home Connie helped me purchase. As a first-time home buyer in the unique SF market, I had lots of questions and Connie had lots of answers. She made herself incredibly available for me and never made me feel like I was inconveniencing her (even with the weekend and late night texts and emails I was sending!).

Buying a place in San Francisco is pretty pricey, so it's not a decision that can be taken lightly. She showed me lots of homes, both online and in-person, to get a better sense of what I was looking for. I really couldn't be happier with the home she found.

I enjoyed working with her so much that I've already referred her to friends of mine also looking to own a piece of San Francisco. One of them is set to close this week! :)

Thanks for everything, Connie!"

Charles L. 


"Connie was referred to us by a friend.  I am so glad that we decided to take their referral.  Connie was so easy to work with and was available literally whenever we needed her.  She knows the market well, helped us ask the right questions and ensured that our best interest was put forward, not all agents do that, but Connie did.  She went above and beyond."

Ashish T & Nilam P. 


"Connie was such a joy to work with during our search for the perfect home.

She really does go above and beyond in everything that she does. When we first started scouting around for a home a year ago, we told Connie that we weren't necessarily interested in buying at that exact moment. A lot of other agents would've shied away from providing services if they had heard that. Not Connie. She spent a whole day taking us around different neighborhoods within San Francisco, providing invaluable insight on the real estate market here in the city.

From then on, Connie has repeatedly reached out, providing updates and getting feedback so she could find us the perfect home.

It was obvious why we went back to Connie when we finally decided to purchase. Her knowledge of the real estate trends and neighborhoods is second to none. Not only was she an awesome negotiator, but she was so fast in all her responses that it really made the whole ordeal of looking for a home that much less stressful.

I will be recommending Connie to anyone that is interested in real estate here in the City."

Euen F. 


"Connie is a ROCKSTAR and I really mean it!!! Connie helped us find our condominium within 6 days with a 14 day close. We believe this must have been one of the fastest closures in San Francisco Real Estate Market!!! Only a confident, sincere and smart agent like Connie can make this deal possible. 

Every step was executed flawlessly!!!

Throughout the process Connie was always ahead of the game. Being our first experience in buying a property in US and particularly in a crazy market like San Francisco it was a blessing that we had Connie by our side guiding us through every step. She has an extremely pleasant and clam personality which can make the whole process of buying property exciting and fun instead of it being full of anxiety and stress!!! To top it all Connie is extremely professional, always has paperwork ready and extremely thorough about the latest trends in the market. She has all the pre requisites that you may think of an OUTSTANDING REAL ESTATE AGENT!!! An agent whose point of view you can always bank on. She will always ensure to take you to the finish line even before you expected!!!

Connie thank you so much for finding us the perfect home and we can vouch for the fact that you are the TOP AGENT IN SF. I wish I had 10 stars to give you ;-)"

Meha F. & Vineet N.


"Connie is a very helpful, responsible, efficient and knowledgable sales agent! She had been very supportive throughout the process of selling our property.  My mom and I aren't from the US, and didn't know too much about the real estate industry and the market here. Connie guided us through and gave us a lot of professional advice and thoughts that we felt confident and clear of what's going on throughout the process. We are both glad that we found Connie! Thank you, Connie!"

Fiona L. 


"Connie has a great ability to take a data-driven approach to help you analyze the market. She takes the time to understand what you need. Will 100% recommend her to friends." 

Kevin L.


"Wow.  OK.  So Connie did a top drawer job on our difficult sale, where she stood to earn a large commission.  I just got the SAME QUALITY of outstanding service on a tiny purchase transaction.  Don't hesitate - she's the platinum standard to which others should be held."  

Patricia & Jeff P. 


"It's no wonder that people flock to Connie like bees to honey-- she is, above all, so genuine, charming, and absolutely invested in finding the best property for you in the Bay Area. 

Connie's dedication and relentlessness is what sets her apart from the real estate pack. I've told Connie that I would not be able to purchase/invest in a property in the immediate future but was still highly interested in getting a feel for the properties and prices out in SF proper. While other agents have given me the dreaded slow fade, Connie has sent me a continuous stream of listings (all within, and surprise of surprises-- even below my price range!) without any prompting or inquiries on my end. 

Point being that as a working professional, I feel like I barely have time to wipe my own ass, never mind look for properties and ponder the finer details about financing and mortgages. I can't thank Ms. Chung enough for her special brand of personalized service and care. She readily provides the answers to my questions regarding first-time purchaser financing and has simplified the oft-crazy world of SF house hunting to a neophyte like me. I am happily singing her praises and recommended her to my friends and family throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles areas!!"

Ali R. 


"Connie really demonstrated that she clearly understood my needs for relocating from NYC to SF, and as a direct result, made it a decision about which of the 4 equally suited properties she showed I should go for. This was a tremendous savior following viewing of around 15 Craigslist properties over 3 days before meeting with Connie, none of which had me ready to submit an application. 

Connie took all the stress out of the process, was extremely professional and was able to ensure I secured the property I favored quickly and easily. The entire move in was well handled and to this point everything has run very smoothly. I am thankful to Connie for her tremendous help in finding my new home which I absolutely love, without her help and guidance I am not certain where I would have landed!

Thanks again, drinks are on me!"

Mike L. 


"Connie was very patient and helpful in a long housing search and ultimately successful purchase of our first house. She was a good communicator, very pleasant and easy to work with throughout the year that we worked with her. Thanks, Connie!"

Nate D. & Lily L. 


"Connie helped find a tenant for my property and I couldn't be more pleased with how things went. Although things didn't always go as expected (to no one's fault), she was pro-active in communicating with me a plan of action and executing it in a timely manner.

As a first time landlord, it was great to have Connie always readily available to answer any questions or needs that I had during the process. I'd feel very comfortable having Connie help me find another tenant should I need to in the future."

Tony N. 


"Connie help me to find my first home. She was very helpful in guiding me through the confusing and sometimes difficult process of buying a home. She was always in communication with me and answered any questions I has usually within the hour. The one thing that made me really happy was her ability to execute. For example, she was able to get me the keys to my new place before the 1st of the month (since I had to move out) even though it was supposed to be delivered after the 1st.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

Jeff M. 


"I wanted to write this while I was working with her and not after the transaction. Because regardless of the outcome, she is the definition of a true professional. Responsive, considerate, courteous, and patient. A true delight to work with, and I know she will make sure I find the perfect home and will not settle. Thrilled that she agreed to be my agent."

Andrew C.


"Connie was extremely knowledgable, tuned into my requirements and tireless. She has a great knowledge of the market and the area. I will use her services again when my lease is up." 

Alec L.


"Connie was such a great help to me! I'm from the South Bay so I wasn't really familiar with the SF city area. She was more than happy to guide and give me detail information/recommendations on the best areas in the city. After showing us various condos, I was able to find the place to my liking. She was also very informative with the negotiation and kept me up to date at all times. I had to leave out of town during escrow but she was VERY QUICK in handling all the documents through the transaction and definitely took the stress out out of the process. 

Connie showed patience and professionalism with the dedication to finding the perfect property for me. She'll consider all the small details that you're looking for in finding the right home. Everything worked out beautifully and I'm definitely fortunate I was able to work with her."

Jack L.


"Connie found a tenant for our rental property in a matter of days.  She was attentive and addressed all of my concerns.  She was a pleasure to work with and I would, without hesitation, work with her again."

Alexie C.